5 supernatural queens you should be channeling all-year round

As seen through beloved classics such as the, ““The Twilight Zone,” to the heavily queued Netflix hit, “Stranger Things,” supernatural television shows have been tickling minds for decades. With the steady and impactful evolution of modernized T.V., the unearthly forces of paranormal television present endless otherworldly possibilities.

One magical force that’s evolved within the spectral television realm is women of color. Although diversity in television is nowhere near perfect, there are still women of color who have and continue to makes strides in the world of the supernatural. Below is an ode to just a few of the unearthly women of color who’ve left their audience enchanted.



Bonnie Bennett from “The Vampire Diaries”
The kindest witch to ever walk the earth is Bonnie Bennett from “The Vampire Diaries.” Played by the lovely Kat Graham, Bonnie’s resourceful use of magical to rescue her fumbling vampire friends and her overwhelmingly empathic streak make her easy-to-love. Watching her throughout the show’s eight seasons was a treat, as she always left her audience bewitched.


Alisha Daniels from “Misfits”
No one would dare forget sassy superhuman Alisha Daniels from the “Misfits.” Played by British beauty Antonia Thomas, Alisha’s witty comebacks, unabashed sex appeal and daring attitude gives her an enticing edge that’s the definition of a “Misfit.” Alisha’s interracial romance with the teddy bear-like Simone Bellamy (played by “Game of Thrones” actor Iwan Rheon) also becomes the pinnacle of superhuman “relationship goals”.


Sally Malik from “Being Human” (US)
The most down-to-earth ghost to float through the afterworld is Sally Malik from “Being Human.” Played by the chic Meaghan Rath, Sally Malik’s awkward humor, combined with her bright spirit (hehe) and caring heart makes her the most human out of her supernatural friends. Sally always manages to make apparition into the audience’s hearts with every episode.


Queenie from American Horror Story
Played by the talented Gabourey Sidibe, Queenie from American Horror Story’s “Coven” season is not a witch to play with. With her sharp tongue and street smarts, Queenie held her own navigating her outlandish and gory New Orleans quests. Under the guidance of the vivacious voodoo queen Marie Laveau (played by Golden Globe recipient Angela Bassett), Queenie continually grabs the audience’s attention with an inhuman ease.  

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giphy-1.gifRaven from That’s So Raven
If you could gaze into the future, you’d know that Raven Baxter from “That’s So Raven” already predicted it. Played by Disney star Raven-Symoné, Raven’s visions into a problematic destinies and her antics to fix them was just a slice of her appeal on the beloved show. Raven and her humorous family and friends are a fixture in the heart of millennials, and continues be in her praised sequel, “Raven’s Home.”



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