Editor’s Picks: Undead black hotties, killer make-up, Moana and other costumes off-limits to white people

So, how far will social justice warriors go?
While it may be 2017, looks like Americans are still stuck in the ’90s this Halloween — and not in a cool way. Editors at Redbook and Cosmopolitan have come under fire for a recent article condemning cultural appropriation. This year’s time-peg? White parents letting their white kids dress up as Moana.


Blogs like Reason.com and The Blaze are indignant, and you can just about see The Daily Wire using quote fingers with “racially insensitive.” The article pushed Townhall to declare that progressives have killed Halloween. If metaphorical murder on Halloween isn’t meta enough, I don’t know what is.

Of course, we’re still stuck on eliminating the entry-level Halloween racism.

Twitter user A.C. Dumlao popped off with a thread calling out Spirit Halloween, Party City and the lot of them. They aptly hashtagged the tweets #RacistHalloween2017.

Everything they posted is just what you’d expect: all the so-called “costumes” we’re tired of seeing at this point in the cultural appropriation conversation.

Dumlao’s thread illustrated how big-name corporations get to pick and choose what parts of a colonial legacy are romanticized, sexualized and monetized. And of course, in constructing this thread in the first place, they showed us how women of color in particular get raked over the coals in the process.

For colored girls who can’t get enough of drop-dead gorgeous makeup
While any person who can achieve a good beat is worthy of praise and admiration, make-up artists who can blend beauty and horror are particularly impressive.

If you’re thinking of being your average femme vampire this Halloween, dust yourself off and try again. Thanks to Laddie Symone, you can easily recreate Aaliyah’s iconic “Queen of the Damned” look.

If you’re more a #TeamJacob sort of person, Rebekah Aladdin can help you get your werewolf aesthetic down pat.

Want a more stripped-down look? Too Much Mouth’s make-up will have you stripped down to the bone.

Trigger warning for strobe lights in this video

Meanwhile, between her lioness and “scare hoe” looks, Sonjdra Deluxe just about has “The Wizard of Oz” on lock.

Sonjdra will also have you blowing kisses to Pennywise.

Glam Goth, Queenni Rozenblad and LingyWasHere have dark mermaid tutorials that give Ariel and Ursula a run for their money.

If looking like you’re frozen in an Andy Warhol painting is more your speed, check out ItsTotallyTara’s pop art make-up.

And last but not least, Melly Sanchez is here to kick your basic last-minute cat whiskers up a notch.


Black Girl Nerds rekindles dark desires
Pop culture publication Black Girl Nerds kicked off Halloweekend with a special edition of its #ThrowbackBaeThursday hashtag: #ThrowbackHorrorBaes.

And black girl nerds have been rustling up delicious photos and gifs of their blood-splattered, bewitched and zombified crushes ever since.

And of course, Angela Bassett looks perpetually haunting and perpetually gorgeous.

Looks like the thirst transcends genre, age, gender, species and mortality status.



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