‘Man-romper,’ ‘romp-him’ is bringing out the best of woke men on Twitter

Photography by RompHim, designed by Caroline Colvin

Women will go to battle over the clothes shared — stolen? — by their best femme friends and sisters. Looks like some women will now get into fisticuffs with their boyfriends over clothes borrowed, too.

Twitter exploded Tuesday night with a friendly discourse about the RompHim: a romper for men.

This new-fangled get-up came to public attention by gaining traction on KickStarter. With about 870 backers and 27 days to go, Evanston, IL-based ACED Design has pulled in more than $80,000 over its $10,000 goal.

Looking at the conversations we have around men like Young Thug, we know jumping gendered clothing lines tends to cause a ruckus. Naturally, Twitter users are taking this opportunity to challenge heteronormative assumptions about what it will mean if your man starts rocking a romper.

But more than using romp-hims as “in” for feminist discourse, some Twitter users have taken a shine to man-rompers as the harbingers of shiny, new gender-neutral freshness.

The self-proclaimed “new favorite summer outfit” for men is bound to be a hit at parties, too.

And of course, many are anticipating the cuteness as well as arguments with bae to come out of the romp-him craze.

Cheers to the men who to dare to look sharp and bare a bit of knee this summer in their pretty, #aesthetic romp-hims.


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