Editor’s Picks: Here’s to Nicki Minaj, our queer fashion queens and a more inclusive Mother’s Day

Art by Ayqa Khan


  • Centered around environmental justice and advocating for Native women, the quilting of Mohawk artist Carla Hemlock has gotten new life in an analysis by Feminist Studies journal.




Activist Fatima Zaman for Elle UK


  • Sylvia Trent-Adams is the first non-physician black woman to act as the U.S. Surgeon General. Looks like America’s health is in better hands.


  • Lawyer, teacher and activist Fatima Zaman was honored at Britain’s Asian Women of Achievement Awards. Backed by the Kofi Annan Foundation, Zaman, who is Bengali, holds workshops to prevent terrorism and the radicalization of girls in London. She also researches and advises on counter-extremism policy. AWAA’s board named her as a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner for her work.


  • Created by empowerment group Forward Together, “Mama’s Day” is an intersectional alternative to Mother’s Day celebrating motherhood in all its forms.


Animation by Bria Royal



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