Up and Coming: Getting artsy with Dat Crafty Gal

Dez Array a.k.a. Dat Crafty Gal, Los Angeles (Inglewood to be exact), CA

How did you become Dat Crafty Gal?

I started going by “Dat Crafty Gal” two years ago, but I’ve been a crafty girl all my life. Whether it’s decorating, doing hair, doing nails, making music, writing or painting, I love creating and being able to express myself.


What was your first exposure to art?

I don’t really know my first exposure to art, but, I think seeing amazing young artists on Tumblr and Instagram really got me inspired to get serious and put my work out there.


Commissioned piece✨

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What made you want to be explicit in your artwork? And what made you want to represent queer women / femmes of color, too? 

I love the art of sex. Especially, black skin on black skin. Especially, woman on woman. I have an amazing boyfriend, but my cravings for women show through my art, I guess. LOL

It is very important to me to represent who I am and express my love for who I am. There is so much hate in this world for women, black people and queer people. I’m all three. I honestly don’t know anything more beautiful than WOC loving themselves and loving each other.

What is your creative process like? 

I smoke some weed and do what I feel.

When it comes to Instagram, how has the platform played a role in how you express yourself as an artist?

I actually use to never be on Instagram because I hated taking pictures of myself. LOL But then I just started putting myself out there with my art and music and iPhone photography. And I realized posting selfies was not the only way to gain a following and start connecting with people. It has its horrors, but I’ve met so many amazing people from Instagram.

What inspires you? 

Black people inspire me.

Oh, how I love the black woman. 💕✨

A post shared by Dez. Array 🥀 (@datcraftygal) on

A post shared by Dez. Array 🥀 (@datcraftygal) on

A post shared by Dez. Array 🥀 (@datcraftygal) on

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to travel, dance, smoke weed and eat food that’s bad for me. LOL

Where do you see yourself going in the future?

I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I hope it’s legendary.





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