Immune to that kind of illness: Mia Rodriguez on latinx mental health stigma

“Many times I’ve tried to make the case for the reality behind mental illnesses, how they’re often the result of chemical imbalances, hereditary, require medication or consistent and various types of therapy, only to be met with comments about how those were “white people issues,” how “we” didn’t (read: weren’t supposed to) believe in “those kinds of things,” how as latinxs were we somehow immune to “that” kind of illness. In this sense, we struggle to understand ourselves and each other in the face of mental illnesses: our families wonder how we could possibly be depressed or struggling when we are living “a better life,” when “things are so good here” compared to our home countries, when we have been “blessed” with the chance of the American Dream.”

Source: Mental Illness in The Latinx Communtiy by Mia Rodriguez


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