Editor in Chief Message: One Year Anniversary

Yesterday, Brown Girls Only celebrated its first registration anniversary. I did not start publishing articles on here until April of this year, so it’s hard to say what kind of content the first incarnation of this blog held or how the website looked.

Brown Girls Only is currently on hiatus, but prior to this, I would say that the blog had a pretty good run. Below are some of my favorite posts published here so far.

I wrote the majority of this site’s articles this past summer. Mainly, I wanted to keep my journalism muscles strong, but I also wanted to comment on current events pertaining to feminism, race and the LGBTQIA community. While my beliefs are the same, I feel as if my writing has improved since then. I am so grateful for this semester’s opportunities to hone my news writing skills and cover topics about which I am passionate.

That being said, as I stated in my last post, I am seriously invested in my campus publications. Additionally, sophomore year is exactly as academically challenging as it should be.

Hopefully, I can get back to publishing articles on Brown Girls Only – either by me or by contributing writers – in the near future.  My long term goal is to flesh Brown Girls Only out into a fully-functional news publication.

As for now, I raise my voice most frequently about inequality and injustice on Twitter.

Lots of love,

Caroline Colvin


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