The Ghost of Frida Kahlo: Review of Frida (2002)

If nothing else, Frida does not sugarcoat the life of Frida Kahlo. Whereas a more timid film about Kahlo would just focus on her art, Frida touches upon the more serious and crucial aspects of Kahlo’s life. In the film, we see Kahlo clearly and fairly represented as a disabled, queer, Mexican woman who is unapologetic in her identities. Salma Hayek portrays Kahlo in the film, capturing the carefree but not-so-whimsical nature for which Kahlo was famous. Despite its primary focus on creating a portrait of the woman as opposed to highlighting her work, Frida does incorporate scenes right out of Kahlo’s paintings and personal photographs, thereby adding a nice cinematic touch to those familiar with the painter. I recommend this film if you are interested in learning about Frida Kahlo more as an icon of fierce femininity and Mexican pride than a mere Internet hipster aesthetic.

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