Feminist harmony: Girl group Fifth Harmony stands up for LGBT rights

Fifth Harmony has long been a music group known for more than just their hip-hop bangers. Through social media and their platform as artists, Fifth Harmony have spread the word on domestic violence, gender equality, and body positivity, and have spread the love to their family of fans.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Camila Cabello posted a picture on Instagram supporting and raising up a MTF transgender fan, Camila Joe, who found inspiration and the courage to transition in Cabello.

Further still than bringing attention to Camila Joe and other queer 5H fans, Fifth Harmony spoke explicitly on LGBTQ+ acceptance and promotion of that acceptance to MTV.

As of recent, acknowledgement of the LGBT+ community in music has becoming increasingly mainstream. However, only a handful of celebrities are actually a part of and genuinely interested in the protection of the LGBTQ+ community. Commodification, fetishization and casual slurs, even if they were in 2008, are not signs of a solid celebrity ally.

Although celebrities are not obligated to use their stardom for social justice issues, it’s nice to see the beautiful, glossy X Factor alums that are Fifth Harmony use their music to bring attention to issues like feminism and domestic violence and explicitly support marginalized communities.


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