Transgender day of visibility 2015

This past Tuesday, transgender and non-binary social media users came together for International Transgender Day of Visibility. In a similar fashion to the #Blackout movement, #TDoV created a safe visual space for trans and non-binary individuals to be acknowledged and connect.

The notable amount of digital love this year is right in line with Transgender Michigan executive director and co-founder Rachel Crandall’s vision for her holiday. Up until International Transgender Day of Visibility, the only other prominent day for transgender individuals was Transgender Day of Remembrance, which mourns the transgender community instead of celebrates it.

Laverne Cox, a transgender actress, has risen to fame with the role of Sophia Burset on Orange is the New Black. Illustration by Caroline Colvin

In the same vein, International Transgender Day of Visibility is important because trans and non-binary people are able to be seen in a context other than tragic. Additionally, it’s important to note that people of color have oft spearheaded the movement for increased trans visibility. Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera were championing the cause before Janet Mock and Laverne Cox were even born.

The beauty of International Transgender Day of Visibility’s cyber-manifestation is the diversity that comes with the Internet’s easy accessibility. Trans and non-binary people of all races, ethnicities, sizes, abilities and classes posted cute selfies and shared their journeys, both positive and negative.

Non-binary and trans babes on Instagram can be found here.

Non-binary and trans babes on Twitter can be found here.

Non-binary and trans babes on Tumblr can be found here and here.


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