Why “Brown Girls Only?”

More often than not, it seems like the people who get to call the shots and make something of themselves is an exclusive “white boys only” club.

From the East to the West, the lives worth living and the lives that are deemed worthless are dictated by white men. Take a look at your valedictorians, your CEOs, your doctors, lawyers and journalists, your leading ladies and men, your politicians and prominent scientists.

While race and gender are fluid and social constructs, indulge me in binary thinking for a moment. In the neocolonialist, misogynist context of the world we live in, a name like “Brown Girls Only” is pretty striking.

Although women of color aren’t the only double minorities to ever exist, it can not be contested that  women of color have been systematically barred from most academic, social, economic and political opportunities due to their race and gender identities.

That’s why hearing that a space is for “brown girls only” is astonishing. We are only ever excluded and do not get the chance to exclude.

However, do not take “Brown Girls Only” to be exclusive. Initially, this just started as a blog about intersectional feminism. I started “Brown Girls Only” to highlight the notable endeavors undertaken by women of diverse backgrounds.

Eventually, the website evolved into an outlet for critiquing systems of privilege. My focus is marginalized women, but I also want to tell the stories of all femme-identifying people of color, people of color with disabilities, the impoverished and queer people of color.

The pervasiveness of the white supremacist patriarchy can be overwhelming, especially for young brown girls. From sexual harassment to microaggressions, from family and peers to unchallenged remarks from teachers and employers, from intentional discrimination to physical violence, dealing with oppression can take a toll on your self-esteem and sense of worth.

That being said, I want to use my storytelling skills and keen eye for news to create safe spaces for and provoke thoughtful conversations around women of color. I want women of color to grow up and exist feeling beautiful, loved, valued and powerful.

I hope that by posting on “Brown Girls Only,” I can successfully make a difference in my life, your life and the lives of others.

Happy reading,

Caroline Colvin


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